New Arrivals

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  • Collect all items you want to consign.

  • Check for stains, rips or tears.

  • Have items freshly laundered.

  • Items should be folded neatly or laid flat.
    ✖︎ No plastic bags please.

  • Contact us to schedule a drop off or arrange pick up.

  • Get paid when your items sell.
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What Do I Need To know?

Quick Facts


Items are priced at 20% - 60% of the original ticket price.

What is the consignment split at The Sweet Pea Shop?

Consignors receive 30% from the sale of their items.

In-Store Location

24 Ontario St. Port Hope, ON, L1A 2T6

Shopping Pre-Loved

Thank you for shopping with The Sweet Pea Shop. By shopping secondhand, we are reducing waste, reducing pollution, reducing our water footprint, and so much more.

Shopping Online vs. In-Store

Please note, in the rare occasion someone is shopping online and in-store for the same item, the item will go to the customer in-store first.

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